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Lucoh is a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable battery lighting products and industrial LED lighting for construction,industrial and hazardous work environments. For over ten years,LUCOH has been providing the very best in battery portable lighting ,industrial lighting and static grounding products for use on the most challenging job sites.

In the bathroom one of the most important spots

In the bathroom one of the most important spots when the light is needed is mirror. It's necessary not only when it comes to women doing their make ups but also men - when shaving have to see their faces in the mirror to not cut themselves. To give as much light as it's needed we should install two lamps on each side of rechargeable led work light the mirror. The third one might be above the mirror. It's important that the light bulbs had their bulbs milky white.

Another solution is to install panels above the mirror that have a few sources of light. Longer panel it is, more light it can give cause it has more sources of it installed. All to make the whole face brighten not only by a spotted light. The face should be brighten in a way that won't make the shadows under the eyes.

Other lamps should point on a bath tub or a shower. But the appliances shouldn't be to close to the bath tub or shower. It's because of the safeness - person that is under the shower or in the bath tub shouldn't be able to reach the appliances. Changes in lighting in the bathroom should bring more advantages and shouldn't be dangerous for their users. To know the exact place where those lights can be installed it's worth to check the appropriate standards.

We can also think about decorating elements that will bring more light to the bathroom and would make it look more pleasant. Cause bathroom should look as nice as it can be - it's not seldom a place of relax. That's why a good lightning is so important there, such light that will build the mood and will be also practical.

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